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Microdermabrasion Training & Certification

Free training, certification & support to help you succeed.

Free Esthetician Training

When you take a SkinBase™ system using either of our two flexible payment options, you’re never alone.

We do more than deliver the highest quality, award-winning machines using patented technology. We also offer the FREE training, certification and ongoing support you need to help grow your business.

The videos and course we offer ensure you’re confident in the treatments you perform to offer the best experience possible for your client.

On completion of your online training course, you will have the knowledge required to safely and effectively operate the SkinBase™ equipment so that you can get started offering one of the most requested cosmetic treatments, increasing return and referral business, and boosting profits.

Microdermabrasion Certification

At the end of your training, you’ll receive a personalized training certificate and “SkinBase™ Authorized Professional” badge. This assures clients that you are an expert in performing your SkinBase services.

Unmatched Education & Technical Support

We want you to get the most from the SkinBase™ equipment, so the support we offer doesn’t end with your training. Our customer service and educator team are available by phone, email or messaging to answer all of your questions and help you deliver the best skincare for your clients.

We also understand that equipment downtime means lost revenue and unhappy clients. That’s why our technical team is always ready and can help you resolve most issues with just a quick phone call. In the extremely rare event your machine develops a fault, our goal is to arrange shipment of your replacement within one working day.  

Start Your Free 2 Week Trial

Because we want you to be completely comfortable in your decision to offer services with MD Hydro from SkinBase™, we offer a FREE 2 Week Trial.

There’s No obligation to buy, and you keep any earnings.

We’ll provide the machine and all the consumables you need to perform treatments during your two week free trial. At the end of the trial, if you decide it isn’t going to work in your salon or spa, we’ll collect it free of charge and you keep all your profits!

Request Your Free 2 Week Trial

SkinBase™ is one of the world’s leading providers of professional beauty machines trusted by over 2,200 accredited salons and spas and more than 4,000 estheticians!

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