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believe in your business: 2024 skincare trends you need to know

2024 Skincare Trends You Need To Know 

If you are trying to attract clients from 2023 back into the salon for spring, it is important to understand their wants and needs. One thing that can help you with this is staying up to date with popular and trending treatments and mindsets. Let’s find out all of the 2024 skincare trends you need to know to attract and retain clients. 


2024 Skincare Trends You Need To Know

The 2024 skincare trends you need to know are divided into 5 categories: tweakments, active ageing, neuro glow, bodycare and simplicity & minimalism.  


One of the first 2024 skincare trends you need to know about is tweakments. In 2023, clients were increasingly moving away from painful procedures and the inevitable downtime associated with surgery. Instead, they desired skin care “tweakments” – non-surgical treatments offering subtle but fantastic results. In the age of convenience, they required treatments that could be squeezed into a lunch break, allowing them to get right back to their day afterwards. This is still true for 2024, as non-invasive treatments continue to rise in popularity. Luckily, SkinBase Microdermabrasion is the perfect option.  

Active Ageing

Another 2024 skincare trend is active ageing. Consumer mindsets have shifted. Ageing is inevitable, but it is important to see it as a privilege. In 2023 and carried into 2024, this perspective became increasingly popular. Skin clients were shifting away from “anti-ageing” thinking, preferring to see skincare in a more positive light. Active Ageing suggests taking care of skin and minimising premature signs of ageing is empowering – not shameful. When you are marketing your treatments in 2024, ensure you are thinking of them and promoting them as confidence boosters. Lots of client testimonials from the SkinBase Transformation of the Year competition highlight the increased confidence and happiness achieved after completing a course of treatments. This idea ties into another trend for 2024 – a “neuro glow.”  

Neuro Glow 

A trend that emphasises taking a holistic approach to skincare and places importance on the impact of the mind/skin connection. Neuro Glow is key to be aware of in 2024. As a skincare professional, you already know how symptoms can manifest on the skin as a result of mental stressors. So, 2024 is all about clients understanding the interconnectedness of mental health and their complexion. As a result, clients will be investing in emotional skincare – treatments and products that will make them feel good inside to look good on the outside. Luckily for you, you can offer them exactly what they need to look and feel good with our range of versatile SkinBase treatments.  


Another of the 2024 skincare trends you need to know about is bodycare. While everyone loves a relaxing facial, clients were previously more hesitant to invest in treatments below the neck. However, this has slowly been changing as previously “taboo” topics, such as body hair, are openly discussed and destigmatised. As such, bodycare entered the skincare spotlight in 2023, and is expected to rise in popularity in 2024. Pinterest predicts “head to glow” as a key 2024 trend, after seeing a 1025% increase in searches for “body skincare routine” and a 845% increase in “body care”. SkinBase Microdermabrasion treatments can be used to treat a wide variety of skin concerns across the face and body. Not a SkinBase Microdermabrasion Therapist? Start your journey today.  

Simplicity & Minimalism

Overconsumption has long been the norm in the skincare industry, with skincare “hauls” and extensive collections of products popular across social media. However, research suggests mindsets are shifting in 2024. Simplicity and minimalism is taking centre stage. As sustainability becomes a key value with consumers, focus is shifting from overconsumption to a carefully curated, minimalist routine of high quality, essential items. Clients are now prioritising efficacy and functionality, and are less interested in flashy packaging and marketing campaigns. Keep this in mind when retailing skincare products.

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