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believe in your business: launch a new salon treatment

How To Launch a New Salon Treatment and Get Bookings

When you launch a new salon treatment, it is very exciting for you and your clients. However, it is very important that clients actually KNOW you are introducing a new treatment. They must understand what the treatment is and how it could benefit them.  So start preparing ahead of time to spread the word, get bookings and have the best launch.  

Launch a New Salon Treatment

With SkinBase Microdermabrasion, you receive a free two-week trial to launch your new treatment at no cost to you.  Do not waste this opportunity.  The great thing about this is it is risk free.  You only keep the machine if it works with your business, and your clients.  


When you launch a new salon treatment, you should have already done your research with regard to what your clients want.  Use that research to identify which of your current clients may be most interested in the new offering.  


You need to advertise advertise advertise as you launch a new salon treatment. Talk about your new offering with everyone who walks through the door. Shout on your social media and have leaflets and flyers on hand. You can also add your new treatment into your client emails.  

Social Media

When you partner with SkinBase, we provide everything you need to make your treatment a success. This includes all the launch marketing you need to get the word out.  Let clients know what the treatment is and the benefits they can expect. Tell them what skin concerns they can treat using ‘before and after’ images on your social media. This is a great way to get clients buzzing about the treatment – because you’re showing, not only telling. Use various forms across social media when you launch a new salon treatment – e.g. posts, reels, stories, to reach as many people as possible.  


In your free trial, take as many videos of the treatment as possible. This will help clients understand what is involved if they decide to invest. Remove as many barriers as you can for clients.  Discuss prices, treatment packages, step-by-step procedures on social media so they can make an informed decision quickly.  

Word of Mouth

To get clients talking about your new treatment when you launch, plant the seed by discussing it with them. Let them know how it could be part of their lives, how it would benefit them and why they are suitable. Answer any questions and build the excitement.  

Introductory Offers

These are a great way to get clients to invest when you launch a new treatment, but be careful not to give too much away.  You still want them to come back when the treatment is no longer new.  Focus on added value instead of discounts – or discount on a larger scale. You could offer money off a course of 6 instead of money off 1 treatment. Or offer 5 for the price of 6.  

Launch Event

Have a mini-launch event. Think about an open day and let clients have patch tests.  Have a model so they can watch the treatment and ask any questions. Invite VIP loyal clients. Launching a new salon treatment can be exciting with SkinBase, so what are you waiting for?

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