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Maximise Your Retail 

Maximise Your Retail 

What does retail mean to you? When it comes to your business, if retail merely means selling the odd product here and there, now is the time to change this in order to boost your bottom line. Retail can be a huge moneymaker and considering what’s going on in the world at the moment, this could prove to be an important and lucrative income stream for you. If you’re able to, it would be mad not too!

So how can you go about it? Let’s take a look at some simple ways you can increase revenue through retail.

Tempt Your Clients

Think about queuing while waiting to pay at a supermarket; you’re surrounded by last-minute small items (that you may not actually need) to tempt you just to spend a little bit more. More often than not, many of us succumb to the clever placement and end up buying more than we’d planned to.

You can do exactly the same in your salon. Simply pop a basket of travel-size or handbag sized products on or near your reception desk. You’ll be surprised at how many of your clients will purchase a few little extras while waiting to pay or book their next appointment. If you are selling through your social channels or website whilst in lockdown, make sure to suggest these little add-ons or bundle products so clients spend more whilst saving on individual prices. 

Plan Your Layout Carefully

Behavioural science claims that most people subconsciously head to the right-hand side after first entering a shop. It’s simply because most of us are right-handed. So, use this handy fact and ensure your salon has all your best retail sellers in the area to the right to entice your clients to spend more on retail.

Another important aspect in boosting your retail sales is to create a focal point that’s at eye level on your retail shelving so it’s staring your clients in the face. A new skincare product could be the main focal point with complementary items nearby to encourage multiple purchases.

Additionally, it’s vital to ensure your salon retail display is visually balanced by putting dark colours (which appear heavier than light ones) lower in the display, and lighter coloured products at the top. This ensures your display doesn’t look too top heavy. If you are in lockdown, take some pictures of your product shelves for your social channels, show clients what you have available even if they can’t physically visit you. Put together some attractive gift packages that you can photograph and show online. With stores shut, it’s difficult to find nice personal gift options so this could be a great retail option with your SkinBase products.

Keep It Simple

Make it easy for your clients to find what they’re looking for. Use clear signage and if you can, use individual product signs – known as shelf talkers – clearly showing the product price, name, and size. Clients can feel embarrassed about asking for prices, so make it easy for them to buy your lovely items. The same goes for your online sales. Be transparent about any shipping costs.

Keep a Nice Shop

Salons can get dusty easily, so if you don’t have time yourself, give an organised team member responsibility for cleaning every bottle or product and shelf at least once a week.


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