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Up-to-Date Contact Details

Are your client’s contact details up-to-date?

Keeping good client records, is not just important if you need to get in touch for any reason, it’s also great for marketing.

Maybe your client didn’t want to rebook at their recent appointment so if you have their details you can send out a reminder to rebook and also share any offers or updates about your business. Emails are still an effective way to communicate with clients, try and make your subject lines catchy to get clients to open and read them.

Effective Communication

With the continued advancement of technology, people are continuously updating their email addresses, mobile phone number and social media accounts (yes, social media can be a great form of communication for small business owners!). Therefore, we suggest checking with clients that you have the right details every six months or so.

Check for Errors

It’s easy to mistype email addresses, check any that bounce as it might be a simple typo preventing you from communicating with clients. Having the correct details for your clients will allow you to communicate more effectively with them. You will be able to send out reminders, let them know about any offers and keep them up to date about salon events.

Simple Reminders Can Go a Long Way

If you haven’t seen or heard from a client in a while, contact them to reach out or offer an incentive to entice them back. Remember, getting existing clients to return is much easier (and cheaper) than the cost to get new clients through the door.

If They Haven’t Returned – Find Out Why!

Also, if your client hasn’t returned you might want to find out why. Even negative feedback is good feedback, finding out why a client chose to go elsewhere can help you to make changes or improvements to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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