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believe in your business: salon social media tips

Salon Social Media Tips

In the age of technology, social media is crucial to the success of small businesses. So, we’ve got some more salon social media tips for you.


Salon Social Media Tips

In case you missed our previous posts, below are some of the topics we have previously covered:

Now, here are our salon social media tips for 2024.


1. Choose Platforms Wisely

You can focus your attention on a specific platform, or spread your content across a few platforms depending on what works for your business and your target market. There is no right answer, as long as you choose your platform(s) wisely.

Don’t assume which platforms are the best or the worst for reaching your target clients. Check demographic data for Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc., and use the data to help you make a decision. Which platform does your target market like to spend their time on?


2. Plan & Schedule Content In Advance 

Remember, your content should match your business brand and tone of voice. Posts should be intentional and engaging. Planning your social media content in advance allows you to avoid panic posting random, last minute content.

Having your main, informative pillar content scheduled in advance also allows you to jump onto (relevant) trends to boost engagement and brand awareness. One of our main salon social media tips would be to use this two step approach to your content, as it can be very beneficial for your business.


Step 1: Proactive Content

Proactive content makes up the majority of your social media content. It is the planned, potentially episodic content that is scheduled to go out at regular intervals. You could have a question and answer series, clients results, new treatment announcements etc.


Step 2: Reactive Content

Having your proactive content in place ahead of time allows you the time and effort to get involved in reactive content. As the name suggests, reactive content allows you to react to what is going on in the social media environment, so you can build content upon trends and quickly film, produce and post.


Salon Social Media Tips: Awareness Calendars

If you are struggling with ideas for content – use a marketing calendar that sets out awareness days/months that you can craft content around. For example, April is Stress Awareness Month and June is Acne Awareness Month. If you are not feeling inspired by the set awareness months – create your own! Set a theme for each month, and curate your content around it.

If you are a SkinBase Therapist, you can access the marketing calendar for 2024 in the Knowledge Base. If not, what are you waiting for? Become a SkinBase Therapist today and boost your business.


3. Community Management

Social media is incredibly popular because it marked the move away from the static internet, and allows for two way communications. So – don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide this for your clients and potential clients. Ensure you are liking and replying to comments, checking out tagged posts, replying to DMs etc. The more you interact and communicate with your audience, the more engaged they will become.


4. Use Analytics as Guidance 

Salon social media tips are pointless if you are not constantly assessing the impact of the changes you make across platforms. Keeping track of what works for your audience – and what doesn’t – is the best way for you to track your progress as a business. Once you know what you are doing well, you can use the insight to guide your future actions and increase your engagement and reach. Analytics are also useful to guide tip 1. You can frequently reassess the platforms that you use depending on the monthly analytics.

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believe in your business: salon social media tips
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Salon Social Media Tips

In the age of technology, social media is crucial to the success of small businesses. So, we’ve got more salon social media tips for you. 

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