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attract old clients

Attract Old Clients Back to Your Salon

Securing new clients is a great position to be in – but are you making enough effort to keep your existing ones? Client retention strategies are the key to a booming business. Treat your existing clients well so they don’t turn into clients who are no longer visiting! The good news is there are a few tricks to attract old clients back – and bring in a few new ones.

Attract Old Clients

If you have clients who haven’t visited for a while, reach out to them. By text, email or post. Prove you have noticed their absence and value their business. So how can we nurture relationships – and make sure clients don’t take their business elsewhere?


Offer excellent service at every step. Greet them properly, be polite and above all listen to them! Have feedback forms readily available and ask their thoughts on their experience. Respond to every comment or review – even the negative ones. If you do ask for feedback be prepared to make changes!


Make sure your staff are well trained to give the same standard of service. Do they maintain their appearance and greet your clients with a smile? Make sure they listen to clients and offer their very best at all times.


Make booking easy. Then they’re more likely to rebook. Get an online booking service that will ease your load. Options like Booksy send automatic reminders to save you the work. Customer service and response time is taken care of.

Go the Extra Mile

You are in charge of their skincare and recommending treatments and products. Make sure you are educating them and listening to their experiences.

Loyalty Program

Instead of offering incentives or discounting your treatments, offer a loyalty programme. That way clients who are staying with your business feel rewarded and keep coming back. Charge your clients what you are worth! Guests who book regularly in your salon are like gold dust so look after them and treat them with care. Get your loyalty offers across your socials. Facebook and Instagram are great tools to spread the word.

Value Your Clients

Don’t underestimate the value of old customers. Often they drift away due to lack of contact. Assume they won’t remember you. Make them feel valued and surprise them by keeping in touch. Remind them why they liked coming to you in the first place! Attract old clients – and new ones – with a thoughtful marketing plan and excellent customer care.

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