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Beauty Nightmares – using Halloween to sell SkinBase treatments to your clients

Halloween is definitely one of the most fun holidays on the calendar, but how can we use it to sell beauty treatments? It’s not like Christmas or Mother’s Day where everyone is thinking about gift cards, party prep or pampering. But Halloween is still a great way to get people booking; it’s just a little different! Here are a few ideas to get you inspired.

Embrace the fun

Everyone loves to get in touch with their inner child on Halloween. Should you decorate your salon with Halloween themed decorations? Of course! You can find Halloween themed items to fit into any salon decor – whether it’s mini pumpkins that have been painted white to fit in with a calm, glamorous decor, or some fun cobwebs and a fake witches hat, your clients will love it. 

Not-so-spooky offers

An offer is a really simple and effective way of getting people booking. Upgrades work best as do incentives to try a new treatment. Here are a few ideas for offers you could have on for Halloween:

•Treat not trick! Try a new treatment and receive 10% off  to celebrate Halloween

•Do you dare? 10% off any SkinBase treatments booked before Halloween!

•(Trick or) Treat yourself… take advantage of our spookily good Halloween offer and upgrade to a luxury Microdermabrasion facial for free!

•Glam not Ghoulish! Book 6 treatments for the price of 5 this Halloween!

•Feet that could frighten Frankenstein’s Monster? Try our Pedicure in time for Halloween and we will throw in a free foot massage!

Put these offers, or your own ideas, onto posters, fliers, pavement signs, on social media and in emails. October is the time that people start spending more time indoors which means they’re more likely to be online, looking at social media. In summer, while people are still updating their Instagram and Facebook accounts, they don’t browse quite as much, which is why digital marketers often see an increase in engagement when the weather gets colder. Halloween is the perfect opportunity for your salon to burst back onto their social media feeds and into their email inboxes! 

Get Talking

As previously mentioned, social media and emails are an important part of Halloween marketing, because it’s the first time in a while that people will have seen really fun online messages that they’ll want to engage with. Not only are people primed and ready to start engaging with your posts, but there are all kinds of things for you to talk about as well. 

It’s a good idea to share some relevant skincare advice – such as how to properly remove face paint, the importance of removing makeup after a night out or about how to choose high-quality makeup rather than cheap paints that will ruin the skin. Check out our SkinBase blog for inspiration. You could also create posts that will show off your salon’s Halloween decorations. And why not create a fun post asking for people to share their worst beauty nightmare stories? Whether it’s an eyebrow wax gone frighteningly wrong, a squeamishly bad haircut or a nail polish disaster, your clients will enjoy sharing and having a laugh with you. If you want, you could even give them an incentive; best story wins a money-off voucher! 

In-salon trick or treat

If you want to increase footfall to your salon, put together a little event on Halloween. One idea could be to do a Halloween ‘trick or treat’ lucky dip where they have to pick something out of a bag for the chance to win a treat. The prizes can range from a mini bag of Halloween sweets, to a 10% off voucher, to even a free treatment if you want to offer that. For the item they have to pick out of the bag, it could be as simple as a ghost, bat or pumpkin shape cut out of coloured paper, or you could even go as far as to find mini plastic pumpkins to write the prizes on! Remember to make sure that everyone leaves with a prize of some kind, as well as your treatment brochure. 

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