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New Clientele

Bring in New Clientele This Summer

Traditionally, the salon is a haven for parents who like to escape the realities of the day-to-day, including children…BUT summer can sometimes bring a bit of a lull with many regular clients on holiday. So, if you’ve got some free slots, it’s worth considering offering some special packages for mums and daughters to bring in new clientele. After all, if you have space available, it’s best to get it filled. 

Introducing Summer Packages

There are lots of potential new packages that you can introduce in your salon during the summer holidays. We’ve listed some below which predominantly focuses on a mother and daughter dynamic, but you can always adapt this to cater to fathers and sons too. 

Mum and daughter pamper session

– nothing beats a good bonding session like a mum and daughter pamper package. Especially as young girls grow older, they lose out on precious one-to-one time with their mums, so setting up a package that will help them come together while being spoiled. 

Makeup and skincare lessons for teens

– puberty can be a difficult time for the skin, so hosting classes or workshops for young teens to find out how to best care for their skin is a great way to entice new clientele and stand out from the crowd by doing something different. 

Hair up courses for Mum and Dad

– if you have the resources and staff to do so, it could be a good idea to introduce a short class on how to do different hair up styles on daughters. Tailoring this opportunity to fathers of girls may be a really effective angle as they may struggle with knowing how to handle long hair. 

Friend pamper package

– you could introduce a friend’s pamper package that groups of girls could use as a birthday treat or just something to do on a rainy day. Set the group size (for example from 2 – 6) and offer a range of relaxing treatments. 

How to braid course

–does someone in your salon have skills when it comes to braiding? If so, why not utilise this and offer a hair braiding course through the quieter summer months? With this in mind, you could also introduce other workshops based on your team’s skillset. 

Make-up tutorial

–a short class on how to best suit foundation to your skin tone and what make-up works best is also a great way to build up potential future clients. Young girls may not have the right set of tools when it comes to make-up, especially when just starting out. So, by teaching them right from the start, they may come back to you for future services and treatments. 


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