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Professionalism Comes First

Professionalism Comes First – Don’t Let Complacency Bring Your Business Down

It’s unfortunate but it can be easy to become complacent in your place of work, especially if you’re dealing with the same customers week in week out. Of course, no one intends on becoming complacent, and often, it simply happens when you become a little too comfortable with your clients.

But just because a client has been visiting your salon for years, it doesn’t mean that they expect to be treated with any less attention and care than a new client. After all, they are still paying the same amount of money and have been loyal in the past. Familiarity and friendliness is perfectly fine, however, there are times when professionalism should always be upheld.

What Not to Say

There are a few no-no’s when it comes to what you say to, and in front of, customers. Most of the following points are simply common sense, however, a little reminder from time to time can be very helpful.

Be Polite – To Everyone!

Your salon should be warm and friendly and so should you and your staff. If you have a lovely and welcoming salon but less than desirable staff, it won’t take long for existing and potential new clients to be put off and go elsewhere.

The most important thing to remember is that it is NEVER ok to speak badly about another individual. If a customer hears you bad-mouthing people, it can really change their opinion of you, and therefore, your business. If you experience an awkward customer, try and be polite and refrain from blowing up in public as it can be very detrimental. The same applies to employees; if you have an issue discuss it privately, don’t undermine your staff in front of your clients.

Professionalism Comes First

Always speak and act professionally at all times. It can be hard work always being on the ball and upkeeping a high level of professionalism but it’s pivotal in order for your salon to be seen as the respectable business that it is. It’s also important to be aware of your body language as negative body language can be very noticeable and give off a bad vibe.

Of course, you can be friends with your clients but just be aware of boundaries and try not to become too comfortable while at work as it can make your standards and quality of work slip.

Never Assume

Don’t make assumptions. As the old saying goes, “you should never assume. You make an a** out of you and me.” Even if your most frequent customer always has a cup of tea, it’s professional and polite to check with them that they still want one as it shows that you care.

The same goes for treatments or haircuts. Before you start, it’s polite to make sure that the customer is still happy with how you do things such as the pressure of the massage or the temperature of the water. Sometimes clients are just being polite so give them the opportunity to change their mind by asking again!

Stay positive and professional in your place of work and you can’t go wrong!

Image: istock.com/danr13

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