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Exfoliating Treatments Clients Want This Season 

Summer is a great season to increase your clients’ exfoliating treatments. This will help unclog SPF and sweat clogged pores for brighter, fresher skin. Cleansing the dead cells from the face during summer will also help to relieve any dry itchy skin issues. So what is the best exfoliating treatments for your clients this season?

SkinBase Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells to reveal the younger cells underneath. The SkinBase MD machine has a gentle vacuum which sucks the dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of the skin. This increases cell renewal and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also stimulates circulation for a nice summer glow.

Our Exfoliating Treatments:

MD Facial

This is a gentle effective way to achieve a clear and radiant complexion. This progressive treatment will rejuvenate lacklustre summer skin. Results are obvious after one session but for best results recommend a course of 6 treatments.

MD Manicure

MD can also be effective at treating other parts of the body. If rough hard skin on the hands is a problem, MD can soften and smooth your clients’ rough hands, to pair perfectly with their summer manicure. MD also minimises the signs of ageing.

MD Pedicure

In summer the toes come out, and your clients will want to treat their feet.  Winter takes its toll and keeping feet all trussed up stops the softening process. Summer is an excellent time to get your feet back to healthy. Excellent at sloughing away dead, hard skin on the feet, MD is the ultimate summer pedicure. If your client hasn’t tried this relaxing pedicure they’re missing out. Creams will absorb more effectively afterwards.

MD ‘Bacial’

Our backs don’t get much attention in winter and ‘bacne’ can be a problem all year round. When you want to go backless in summer, it is a great time to sort out your back by exfoliating clogged pores, dirt and debris. Remind your clients of this! MD is proven as a non-invasive treatment to help improve acne and acne scarring. It also calms red and uneven skin tone. By removing the top layer of skin, your client’s back will be clearer and free of blemishes.

MD Arms

Those tiny bumps on arms – also known as Keratosis Pilaris – can be treated with Microdermabrasion. Your clients don’t want to be self conscious at the beach! If your client has tiny unsightly bumps, recommend MD. The tiny crystals will slough away any old dead skin cells smoothing and polishing the skin around the follicle. A course of treatment will be the best recommendation.

MD Benefits

This safe and effective treatment has many benefits including:
  • Zero downtime
  • Better skin for longer
  • Better absorption
  • Non-invasive

SkinBase™ is one of the world’s leading providers of professional beauty machines trusted by over 2,200 accredited salons and spas and more than 4,000 estheticians!

Find out more about how a partnership with SkinBase™ can increase the profitability of your salon or medspa today.

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