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Friends and Family Day

Hosting a Friends and Family Day

On first thought, it may seem like an odd concept to host a friends and family day at a salon, but it can actually be very beneficial to your business. If you love your clients, there’s no doubt you’ll love their friends and family too. So, what better way to get new customers through the door with your very own friends and family day?

The Benefits of Hosting a Friends and Family Day

As you can begin to imagine, there are so many benefits to hosting a friends and family day. Let’s take a look at why you may want to consider holding one in the coming months.

  • Introduce potential new clients to your salon services
  • Introduce potential new clients to your retail product range
  • Invite the local community to come together
  • Boost retail sales on the day
  • Market your business to the local market
  • Network with local businesses and organisations
  • Entice past clients back to your business.

These are only some of the reasons as to why a friends and family salon day may be beneficial to your business.

What Should the Day Involve?

There are loads of fun ideas when it comes to planning the perfect friends and family day. Instead of simply inviting people along to look at your salon and hear about what you offer, consider hosting an event that will appeal to a wider audience.

Summer fete

A summer fete would be a great opportunity to get other local businesses and organisations involved as you could ask them to come along and support you. You could even think about co-hosting the day with another business that you aren’t in direct competition with. For example, the local independent ice cream or donut shop.


Everyone loves a BBQ and with the weather set to be great this summer, it would be the perfect idea for an informal gathering to promote your business.

Pamper day

Hosting a friends and family pamper day where you offer free samples or treatment competitions is sure to generate interest.

Rewards and incentives – offering a reward card to each recommended client who books a treatment because of the event can be a great incentive. For example, you could do it so that if they collected six stamps, they are then entitled to a reward or exclusive offer.

Exclusive offers – giving exclusive offers to people who attend your event is another great way to increase the footfall through your salon door. Consider offering 5%, 10% or even 15% off to customers who book on the day of your event.

Make the Most of the Day

Hosting your very own event is an excellent way to meet new people and invite new customers to try out your services and products.

It’s also a very effective way to follow up with past clients who haven’t been for a while. Often, these clients can get caught up in day-to-day life and simply haven’t had the time to head to the salon. Use this opportunity to invite them back and think about offering a small discount or incentive.

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