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acne scarring

How to get rid of acne scarring using microdermabrasion

As if suffering from acne isn’t bad enough, the scarring left behind can cause the most distress. Whilst a spot can last for a week or so, the scarring left behind can last for much longer, forever even.

Acne scars form as a result of a wound or injury rupturing the follicle wall. When lesions are superficial, the skin will repair in due course. However, a scar forms when there is serious damage to the follicle wall. As a reaction, the skin produces new collagen fibres but this doesn’t look the same as before the injury and a scar is formed.

Here at SkinBase, we have been looking at why microdermabrasion is the best way to banish acne scarring.

Why choose SkinBase™ microdermabrasion facial for acne scarring?

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, low risk, rapid recovery time skin rejuvenation procedure that fires tiny crystals at the skin to remove the top layers of skin.  Weekly treatments will allow you to work through the layers of skin and stimulate cell renewal and collagen production so skin rejuvenates and repairs.

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How often should you have microdermabrasion treatment?

Skin regenerates approximately every 4 weeks, and microdermabrasion treatments are recommended every 7-10 days to see the best results. The treatment is progressive so with each treatment, you will be able to intensify the process and reach deeper layers of the skin. This will alleviate acne scarring and leave your client’s skin looking and feeling smoother.

What other benefits are there to microdermabrasion?

Not only does microdermabrasion reduce the appearance of acne scarring but also has other benefits, such as banishing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing stretch marks, creating a more even skin tone and improving the appearance of dull and tired skin.

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