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incorporate charity into your salon business

How to Incorporate Charity Into Your Salon Business

Giving back to the community is a great way to boost morale, connect with locals and feel good. Being socially conscious is all the rage. Incorporating charity into your salon means you need to have a clear marketing focus. The beauty industry is people-focused and caring. Charity is a natural progression.

How To Incorporate Charity: 

Which Charity?

Focus your efforts and incorporate charity by selecting a dedicated charity to work with. Or, if you prefer, have a range of charities. Mixing it up allows fresh new marketing strategies. This might encourage more clients to keep giving. Consider whether you want to support a local or a national initiative. Connect with your community and find the right fit for your salon.

Involve Your Staff – and Clients

Set up a meeting to make sure you and your team choose the charity (or charities) together so it is an authentic decision. Then everyone will be happy to invest their time and incorporate charity into their efforts. Ask your clients for their ideas too. If you believe in what you support the rest will fall into place. Give employees time to be involved. Clients will feel good about supporting a business that donates to charity.

Which Activities?

Think about the activities you want to get involved in. Perhaps you want to host a bake sale or a car wash. You could get your team and clients involved in a fun run or a charity bike ride. They could volunteer time or start a collection. You will experience improved team morale and a positive feeling of giving back as you incorporate charity into your events.

What is Your Goal?

Is your goal to create awareness? Or perhaps to raise funds – or both! Introduce yourself to your chosen charity(s) and ask what action(s) would be most helpful.  You could choose a day throughout the year where a percentage of every treatment goes to charity. Or you can offer your clients the chance to donate a certain amount at the time of payment. Let local media know what you are up to so they can attract more attention – both to your charity and your salon! Everyone loves a feel-good story and are more likely to want to participate. Incorporating charity into your business will boost your brand and help you to reconnect with your community. Charitable giving shows that you are in business for more than just profit. So what are you waiting for?

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