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How to Make Skincare Trends Work For You 

2023 is seeing lots of preventative skincare trends. This proactive approach to minimise wrinkles and signs of ageing is a hot topic.  ‘Tweakments’, Bodycare as Skincare, and Active Ageing are taking centre stage. As a SkinBase Estheticians offering non-invasive treatments, these are all shifts in behaviour that you can use to your advantage.

Prevention is Better than a Cure

SkinBase Microdermabrasion and Collagen Lift are excellent methods of treating skincare concerns. They are also fantastic non-invasive preventative treatments. Targeting clients in their 20s+ with once-a-month skin boosts is a great way to keep their skin radiant for longer. It will also help fill those columns.

Skincare “Tweakments”

Clients are moving away from invasive treatments. Non-surgical treatments are growing in popularity and SkinBase treatments offer exactly that. Now it is all about glowing skin – without pain or downtime. SkinBase results are gradual and subtle from the very first treatment. No pain is needed to achieve perfect skin.  SkinBase treatments can even be done during your clients’ lunch breaks. They can potter back to work and no one will ever know.

Active Ageing

Anti-ageing is out. In its place we have a much more empowering term. Active-ageing recognises that ageing is a privilege… but you don’t have to look your age if you don’t want to! SkinBase treatments are ideal for those who want to age actively. With CL it is possible to embrace your age without embracing aged skin.

Body Care as Skincare

Skincare concerns on the body should not be taboo – and 2023 is seeing the end of that. Clients are bringing the conversation to body care. Acne on backs, unwanted hair, loose skin – the list goes on. All SkinBase’s offerings are perfect for treating the body as well as the face – with no shame. IPL can target sun damage, unwanted hair and unsightly thread veins. Collagen Lift targets loose skin and boosts collagen. Microdermabrasion is perfect for smoothing skin tone. It reduces visible signs of ageing and helps acne sufferers. Whatever your clients are doing to their faces, they should consider doing to their bodies. Highlight the latest skincare trends to your customers. Then they will know they can come to you for active ageing and tweakments. This will fill your books and keep your clients coming back for more.

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