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Salon gift cards

How To Sell Salon Gift Cards During Busy Periods

The holiday season is nearly upon us and this is the single best time to sell salon gift cards. During the holidays clients are often looking for gifts, so make it easy for them to buy your gift cards. Selling gift cards or vouchers is a great way to stay busy… It will keep clients coming back after the holiday season. Promotion is key – but first think about how best to market them.

Salon Gift Card Design

Design your gift cards to grab customers’ attention. Make them look luxurious so clients WANT to gift them. Clients wants to gift vouchers that look classy. They should reflect your salon brand identity. Consider a variety of designs and envelopes to appeal to everyone. Research and invest time in making them perfect – they will boost your sales if you get it right.

Terms & Conditions

Make sure your Terms and Conditions are clear. Perhaps the gift cards can only be used in the quieter months of January and February. You want to avoid any disappointment or complaints from loyal customers.


Add them to your website. Make sure they are visible. Add a digital download for those who are last minute with their present shopping. In today’s busy world, getting an E-gift card immediately could prove very attractive. Use Social Media to advertise your salon and mention that you sell Salon Gift Cards.


Shout from the rooftops – you and your team should be actively talking about your salon gift cards. Always keep them at the tills and point-of-sale. Have them on display, on social media, and inform clients via email.  Highlight the benefits of gift vouchers and give them plenty of lead time to invest. If they can’t be seen they won’t sell!


Think about gifting cards on occasion to your top spenders for a special occasion. Add them to a social media giveaway. This will encourage future purchases and make you top-of-mind when a client needs a gift. Consider have a promotion e.g. buy a £20 salon gift card get £30 value. This might even encourage clients to buy a gift card for themselves! Offering salon gift cards is a great way to boost your revenue. Never underestimate the role that convenience plays when buying a gift for the holidays. Buying local is also appealing – this gives small businesses a chance to shine.

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