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Mother’s Day 

Marketing for Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and there are lots of ways you can use this special day to promote and market your treatments! Read on for our advice and recommendations on how to get Mums through the door.

Change your target market

In the run-up to Mother’s day, you have a different target than usual; you need your marketing to be seen by the partners of your clients, who’ll be buying gifts on behalf of younger kids, and also older kids, who will be able to buy gift vouchers for their Mums. Buying a beauty salon gift voucher for their Mum is something that a surprising number of teens opt for! You’ll also want to make sure your clients know about any offers you might be doing during this period so that they can treat themselves or tell their partners/kids about it. So, how can you reach these different groups, and make sure that everyone who needs to, knows about your great offers and services? Here are a few ideas:

  • Window and pavement displays – Make sure that they are Mother’s Day themed, and mention gift vouchers, or any offers you’re doing so that anyone walking around looking for a present for their mum can’t miss it!
  • Talk to other clients – If you do other treatments of beauty services in your salon, such as hair or nails, make sure your clients know that you’re offering skin treatment gift vouchers (and offers, if applicable) for Mother’s Day.
  • Make a special gift voucher for Mother’s Day – Even if you use online/email gift vouchers, why not have it redesigned to reflect the special day, with a floral or spring-inspired background?
  • Social advertising – Times where you want to reach a group of people who wouldn’t normally follow you, it’s a good idea to set aside a bit of budget for advertising. Make the posts focused on the availability of gift vouchers for Mother’s Day. If you know anything about teenagers then you’ll know they love Snapchat, maybe it’s time to get a handle on some new social media and appeal to the next generation directly?

Make your content mum-focused

Attract new clients by sharing relevant advice and tips online – on your website, emails, and social media. You could share advice about dealing with post-pregnancy skin, how to care for exhausted skin, how to streamline a skincare routine for hectic mornings, or how to tone up pelvic and stomach muscles, or even the importance of sun care for the whole family – whatever’s relevant to your salon and treatments!

One thing to remember…

It’s a very sad thing that for some women, Mother’s Day is one of the most painful days of the entire year – in particular, those who’ve lost children or are fighting fertility problems. When you write your social media posts and emails, try to make sure that you mention the words ‘Mother’s Day’ in the text part of your post, and in the subject line of your emails. That way, those clients can avoid seeing painful reminders by muting keywords, scrolling past, or simply not opening your email. We also recommend adding some non-Mother’s Day themed content to your social media calendar too, so that this group of clients don’t miss you!

Do a little something special

Whether it’s a discount on Mother’s Day gift vouchers, or a mini box of chocolates when they come in for their treatment, a Facebook competition or a Mother’s Day Instagram giveaway, mark the occasion and use it to drive clicks to your social and website!


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