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New Year Marketing Ideas Your Salon Needs

The start of a new year is always a tough one for salons. Clients tend to slow down their spending post-Christmas. To avoid empty columns in January and February, figure out your strategy and new year marketing plan now. You should be aiming to hook your existing clients while pulling new ones in too. January doesn’t have to be a disappointment with some strategic New Year marketing.  

January Add-Ons

Upgrade your clients’ treatments on selected days or for selected services with extra special add-ons. You could turn a pedicure into a Microdermabrasion pedicure.  Remember, January discounts don’t help anyone!  It makes the treatment seem “cheaper” which takes away from the luxury. Clients love little upgrades to make them feel more special, and it requires minimal preparation from you.  

Run a Salon Event!

Turn a gloomy January around by filling the salon full of fun, with a new year event. Check out our blog here to find out how to throw a salon event as part of your new year marketing. Offer mini versions of your treatments and some goody bags with free samples. Who doesn’t love a freebie?!  

Refresh Your Salon

New year is a great time for changes – so if you want to refresh anything – now is the time! New Year, New You. Many people use the start of a new year to make positive changes. Market your salon as a place to make a change for the better! Changing the interior and giving the salon a new lease of life is a great way to pull in new clients (and old ones!) for a new experience. It doesn’t have to be major.  

Social Media

Use your Instagram, Facebook and TikTok accounts to engage with new and old clients in fresh ways. It is easy to refresh and come up with a new strategy. Get engaged with clients in 2024 with regular posts, and make it reciprocal. Ask about their New Year’s goals and resolutions to begin with, and keep a regular two-way dialogue with them. New year marketing has never been so easy!  

New Treatment Time

Add a new treatment. If clients are following a ‘New Year, New Me’ lifestyle, offer something to improve their new self.

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