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Offer Information

Offer Information About Your Products and Services

How do you expect people to know about the wonderful products and services you offer if you don’t tell them about them? To retain and bring in new clients, you must shout from the rooftops about what you can provide people with. 

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how best to communicate, or you may sometimes feel like you have been telling clients the same information on repeat. No matter what, it’s important to work on getting the message right to retain the clients you want. 

Ways to Promote Your Products and Services 

You never know when it might be the right time for a client to try a new product or service. Therefore, constant drip feeding can be really useful when advertising within the salon industry. What you want is for clients to stop and take an interest in your business and what you have to offer. 

Make sure to try different ways to get their interest. Try to present the information in different ways. Try and understand what it is your clients want. There are many ways that you can advertise to both existing and new clients.

Ways to Reach Clients

  Word of mouth – word of mouth is the best form of marketing. However, it’s almost impossible for people to say good things about your business if they don’t know about it! In order to influence people to say good things about the products and services you offer, it’s essential that you and your staff work hard to provide the best service possible. 

  • Local advertising – taking out an advertisement in the local paper or even distributing leaflets or flyers locally can be a great way to spread the good word of what you offer. 
  • Social media – a social media presence is vital in this day and age with more and more people turning to online platforms to find out information and share their views. 
  • Print advertising – while many businesses feel that printed materials are somewhat dated, it can be beneficial to have a batch in your salon for clients to flick through or take away and share with friends or family. If you do go down the route of printing, ensure that all information is up-to-date and even consider asking someone to take a look over the wording for a quick proofread. 
  • Events – small pop up events can be a great way to share valuable information about what you do as well as get your name out there. Think about celebrating public events like mother’s day where there’s an excuse to bring people in the door. 

Don’t Wait for Clients to Come to You

The most important thing is that you are proactive when offering information to your clients. Don’t wait for them to come to you as they will lose interest and more than likely go elsewhere. 

Be loud and proud about your business and the excellent range of services and products that you offer. 


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