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Plan for Success and Maximise Profits

The best way to get on top of your business calendar and maximise your profits is by planning for success. Don’t panic – planning the year is easier than it seems!
What should you schedule in? The best way to maximise profits is by hosting events and promotions throughout the year. Look at your calendar as a whole and schedule it all in. This way you can plan for success.

Plan Seasonally

Seasonal offers are a great way to pull people in but you don’t have to wait for the big holidays. Use a National Days Calendar and go through the months to pick out fun ones. You can then host promotions or events around these: 
  • June 1st is National Go Barefoot Day. Schedule this into your calendar and do promotional event to get people in the door. Perhaps a pedicure promo – 10% off MD pedicures in June.
  • July 5th is National Bikini Day. Plan a hair removal treatment promo – 10% off your IPL treatment plus a free patch test and consultation.
When going through the National Days Calendar pick one per month to have fun with. Plan how you are going to market these days and what promotions will work well.

Salon Events

Schedule mini events into your plan. These can help our salon stand out, attract new clients and increase loyalty.  If put together well salon events can attract new potential customers. They will have the chance to see you in action.

Choose the Right Events

Work out your goal for each event. What is its purpose and who do you want to attract? It is usually quicker and cheaper to retain customers. Aim to increase customer satisfaction. Make them feel special by personalised invites. 

Plan Weekly

Plan for success by promoting your treatments each week with a ‘spotlight’ on each. This way clients will know everything that is available. Work out how many treatments you have and assign them to a month each. Then push that treatment for the whole month. Most loyal customers return for the same treatments – but some may be unaware of your other offerings. This is a missed opportunity!

Plan Big

Plan bigger events every so often. Have new treatment or product launches every so often. Are you starting a new SkinBase treatment? Schedule the first week in and turn it into an event. 

Plan for Success

A successful business is dependent on good planning. Those who plan for success will be the ones who maximise profits.

SkinBase™ is one of the world’s leading providers of professional beauty machines trusted by over 2,200 accredited salons and spas and more than 4,000 estheticians!

Find out more about how a partnership with SkinBase™ can increase the profitability of your salon or medspa today.

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