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Rebook Your Clients

Rebook Your Clients: Don’t Miss a Sale! 

In this day and age, there’s so much competition out there that if you miss a step or take your eye off the ball for more than a second, you could potentially miss out on future bookings. Offering your clients the opportunity to easily book their next appointment as they pay and before they leave your salon is something that you should ALWAYS do.

Retention is all about building client relationships, rewarding loyalty and offering lifetime value. Therefore, if you let a client walk out without offering to rebook, you’re missing the chance to encourage that client to come back again.

The GROW Strategy

You may or may not have heard of the GROW strategy. When it comes to your business, it can be an excellent model and handy reminder of how you can increase revenue and client retention.

Gain clients
Retain clients
Often – increase client visits
Wow them to increase their spend

In theory, the GROW strategy seems fairly straightforward but in reality, there’s a lot of work involved in running a business and keeping it afloat. However, you must remember that even if it makes you feel awkward or uneasy, offering to book a client’s next appointment before they walk out your door is not heavy selling; it’s a helpful and gentle reminder.

Let’s look at the GROW strategy more in-depth…

Gain Clients

Maybe a recent advert has increased the footfall through your door. If so, this is great! Take it one step further by remembering to rebook that new client, potentially turning them into a regular.

Retain Clients

If a client is unsure about booking their next appointment, consider offering them a small discount or incentive to encourage them to come back again.

Often – Increase Client Visits

Use promotional and marketing techniques to get people through the door. If you have the budget for it, advertise locally or as mentioned above, introduce an attractive incentive scheme that people can’t refuse.

Wow Them to Increase Their Spend

There are so many creative and effective ways to encourage your clients to increase their spend from providing an exceptional service that makes them want to come back for more to featuring an attractive POS display that they can’t help but buy something. Work hard to wow your clients and it will pay off.

Be the Best at What You Do

A little competitor research can go a long way in benefitting your business. If the salon down the road offers similar services, promote yours louder and clearer. However, you must ensure that you and your team are great at what you do so top-up training and refreshers can be really valuable.

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