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Remember to Keep it Professional

It’s easy to get complacent and forget that clients are first and foremost just that, clients. We might see clients every  week but that doesn’t mean that we should forget to uphold standards and be professional at all times even if we do feel comfortable around our clients.

Keep that care and attention

Even when a client has been visiting for years, treat them as you would any new client, they might not have had some services with you before but it doesn’t hurt to check every now and then that their needs haven’t changed. Even just checking that the drink they always have is still preferred and they wouldn’t like a change.

What Not to Say

There are a few no-no’s for conversation not to have in front of customers. Most of the following  are simply common sense, however, a little reminder to you and your therapists to make sure you are presenting yourselves in the best way.

Be Polite – To Everyone!

Your salon should be warm and friendly and so should you and your staff. If you have a lovely and welcoming salon but less than desirable staff, it won’t take long to put clients off. Make sure your therapists leave their personal problems at the door.

The most important thing to remember is that it is NEVER ok to speak badly about another individual. If a customer hears you bad-mouthing people, it can really change their opinion of you, and therefore, your business. If you do experience an awkward customer, stay calm, acknowledge their concern and remain professional at all times. Take them somewhere private to discuss if you can.  The same applies to employees; if you have an issue discuss it privately, don’t undermine your staff in front of your clients.

Never Assume

Don’t make assumptions. As the old saying goes, “you should never assume. You make an a** out of you and me.” Even if your most frequent client always has the same cut and style, before you start, it’s polite to make sure that the customer is still happy with how you do things such as the pressure of the massage or the temperature of the water. Sometimes clients are just being polite so make sure you give them the opportunity to let you know they would like it done differently.

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