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Salon Spotlight – SkinBase chats to Devine Beauty

For this week’s salon spotlight we’ve been having a chat to Alison Devine from Devine Beauty, Farnborough. With a career spanning 25 years, including owning and managing a chain of successful salons, Alison has scaled back her operations to concentrate on what she loves doing most, treating clients. Now as busy as ever, thanks to a loyal legion of clients who have followed Alison to her new business, Alison lets us in on a few of her secrets.

Thanks for talking to us Alison, we love to catch up with our salons and pick their brains for tips and advice to share with our blog readers.

Your loyal legion of clients has followed you to your new business. What do you think you offer that keeps clients loyal?

Our motto is to treat everyone how you would like to be treated yourself so that each and every customer walks out of Devine Beauty salon feeling relaxed and well looked after. A small friendly salon, we have earned a reputation for our professional, friendly and relaxing treatments. We strive to constantly update our treatments and training. Every treatment is tailored to suit each and every customer’s needs. We consider customer service to be the most important part of our business, making each customer feel special & cared for. You only need to see our Facebook reviews to see that we achieve this goal.

Summer is nearly here, what are your go-to treatments to get clients’ skin beach ready?

At this time of year, we would recommend treatments that involve moisturising and exfoliating. Exfoliating facials, such as microdermabrasion are great and we would usually recommend starting your course Jan-Apr time. For body exfoliation, we offer salt scrubs which are fantastic to slough away old dead skin cells and help you maintain your holiday tan for longer. We also offer Body inch wraps which moisturise and aid slimming.

If you could offer just one skincare tip to your clients what would it be?

Exfoliate. A big tip for your holidays is to have an exfoliating treatment like a salt scrub before you go away and then do gentle exfoliation every other day during your holiday. This will ensure your tan lasts much longer. You will be tanning on new skin and this will prevent skin from peeling off. Also, drink water. Rehydrate the body and skin won’t dry out. If you must enjoy yourself on holiday (‘we must’ we tell Alison) then follow this rule to stay hydrated: Glass of wine, glass of water, glass of wine, glass of water.

You offer both IPL and MD treatments with SkinBase machines. What made you decide to choose SkinBase?

Having used other companies that offer Microdermabrasion treatments in the past, it was very apparent, first-hand how good the results were. As a small salon, we could not afford the cost of some of these machines and also from previous experience realised how quickly the machines went out of date. Discovering Skinbase was the perfect solution, pay as go option, with the machine regularly updated and maintained so we are always up to date with the latest equipment. We have never looked back.

We have been offering Skinbase Microdermabrasion for more than five years now and Skinbase IPL treatments for the last year. We continue to use the SkinBase systems as the customer service is fantastic and as a company, they make you feel important, cared for and part of their team. The same principles & standards that I try to achieve in my own business.

How popular is SkinBase with your clients?

Very popular. Customers are always impressed with how bright & clear their skin is after just one microdermabrasion treatment. We have a lot of regular customers who are on monthly maintenance programmes. We start new customers on a course of 6/8 treatments depending on their skin.

What are your client’s main skin concerns that you treat with IPL?

Acne & Acne scarring are our most common complaints, followed by dull, devitalised and ageing skin. We have seen some phenomenal results with IPL for acne. A young gentleman has seen his confidence soar after a course of SkinBase IPL to treat his acne concerns. We also incorporated this with a Photorejuvenation treatment to help with the discolouration of the scarring left from the acne. He is now maintaining these results.

It is Wedding season, what piece of advice would you offer to the Bride to be in the run-up to their big day?

Start at least 6 months before with a good skincare regime.  If you work with what you’ve got, bring it back to basics taking really good care of your skin, you won’t need to fake it. Complete a course of microdermabrasion to get the skin surface prepped.

Take a look at some of the great results Alison has been getting with her SkinBase systems:

Salon Spotlight – SkinBase chats to Devine Beauty

After 2 microdermabrasion treatments for acne.

Salon Spotlight – SkinBase chats to Devine Beauty Salon Spotlight – SkinBase chats to Devine Beauty







After 2 IPL photorejuvenation treatments.

Devine Beauty, Farnborough Leisure Centre, GU14 7LD  offer both SkinBase MD and IPL treatments.



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