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Share your knowledge with clients 

You haven’t come this far in your career to not be an expert at what you do. So, what’s the best thing you can do with this knowledge? Share your knowledge with your clients! Make sure your clients know you as an expert in your field – it will instil trust and confidence and ensure they keep coming to you for not only excellent treatments but valuable advice.

A solid starting point can be through a Facebook group as a direct way to interact with your clients and give them expert advice in a controlled setting. While you should always be active on your own Facebook group, be mindful to keep an eye out for questions about skincare in local groups where you can comment to give advice. This will reinforce your position as an expert in your field and even lead more clients to you. If there are any areas that you’re not to sure about, put some time aside to read up on everything you can to make sure your knowledge is extensive and factual.

Long Term Clients

Getting clients to invest in a course of facials is not just about promoting the treatment, it’s about getting the client to understand what is happening during the process. They should know all about what happens to their skin when it’s ageing and what we, as experts, can do to prevent further deterioration, slow down the process, and see vast improvements in the skin.

With this in mind, take the time with every client to have a consultation about their treatments, going into detail about what happens and why the treatment is the right one for them. It can be reassuring knowing exactly what to expect and also builds realistic expectations. If you take the time to educate your clients in this way, it will turn them into long term clients. And that’s what we all want, right?

Training is Key

The beauty and skincare industry is ever-evolving, so keeping your knowledge up to date is vital. Investing in yourself and your team is so important, so ensure you’re regularly undertaking training courses so you’re up to speed on all the latest trends. Don’t get left behind!

There are lots of useful free tools and training online, but of course, there are also lots of fantastic paid courses. You should also be regularly checking the SkinBase blog and website for helpful business information to help you soar!

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