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path to perfect skin

Start your clients on the path to perfect skin

At SkinBase, we know that as amazing as the results from our treatments are, they can be even better with some lifestyle changes by your client! These changes will also help clients to maintain results and have great looking skin long term.

We don’t want your clients to get to the end of a 6 week course and think great that’s it! or ‘that’s as good as it gets’ because there is so much more they can do to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. Your body and your skin needs to be nourished and looked after to look its best and there are a few key habits we think it’s worth breaking and a few key habits we think it’s worth making that can make all the difference. Read on for more…

Healthy Habits Guide

The SkinBase healthy habits guide outlines those habits we think are important, not only for your client’s skin but also for their emotional and physical wellbeing which all go hand in hand to maintaining great skin (ever had one of those stress induced spot breakouts? Exactly!) This guide will help clients to get the most out of their SkinBase treatmetns by putting in place some new habits which will enhance the treatment course and homecare regime you recommend. You can download it as a pdf or give clients the link to the website to download it themselves (and they will receive our weekly beauty update).

The healthy habits guide is also a way to add a level of accountability to the client’s journey to better skin. It is about much more than a course of facials and clients need to make lifestyle changes if they want to see and maintain long term results. If clients are serious about letting you help them get results then these lifestyle changes will maximise the benefit from your treatments and skincare recommendations.

Download it here.

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