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importance of communication

The Importance of Communication: Keep Your Clients in the Loop

Keeping clients well informed of all events, promotions and important updates will help with client retention. Regular communications help with building loyalty and creating client relationships that stick.

Making the Connection

First and foremost, if you plan to regularly communicate with your loyal clients (and even potential new clients), you must make the effort and ensure that you and your employees keep a note of contact details, making sure that they’re up to date.

From the first visit, your client’s contact information should be gathered and entered into the salon’s client management software. An electronic database where your clients’ contact details are easily accessible is a vital and essential step in planning and organising a professional communication schedule. If you don’t already have one in place, conduct some research and get the ball rolling to put one in place, and you know what? An excel spreadsheet with this information can be perfectly adequate if purchasing software isn’t an option. You can also get some great software for free, try Shedul. Just ensure it is kept up to date and check your clients are happy to receive marketing communications from you to comply with GDPR.

What Should I Communicate?

Tell your much-loved clients about everything and anything that is relevant to them. This can include:

  • Promotional offers
  • Incentives
  • The introduction of new products or services
  • Appointment reminders
  • Bank holiday or upcoming closures
  • Happy birthday’s and well wishes
  • Important health and beauty or industry news.

You’ll know better than anyone what kind of communications your clients want to receive, so use your initiative to tailor them accordingly. Just remember not to overload them with information.

How Should I Communicate?

Keeping your clients well informed of what is going on is something that you and your team can do easily. Regular communications can have a much higher impact on a client’s experience. With this in mind, there are a number of important communications that you should consider sending.

Automatic appointment reminders – automated appointment reminders can assist in reducing the number of forgotten appointments by up to 70%.

Direct text messaging – almost 100% of all messages sent via mobile phone are read by the receiver. This demonstrates that good old-fashioned text message is one of the most prominent and effective means of communication.

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