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October Awareness Days 

Upcoming October Awareness Days 

There are lots of reasons to celebrate your fantastic business, but a good way to increase engagement and even grow your client list is to utilise the bevy of awareness days that take place all the time!

So, what’s happening in October that you can get involved in?

Breast Cancer Awareness

The whole month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This can be a great way to run an ongoing ad campaign and even offer to fundraise or take donations for the charity by ‘wearing it pink’.

Use this opportunity to share valuable information on breast cancer such as how to properly check your breasts for signs. Particularly on social media, make the content engaging and keep it fresh which will increase awareness of your salon and services.

–Keep your eyes peeled for more from SkinBase about our Breast Cancer Awareness campaign!

World Smile Day

Friday 4th October is World Smile Day. While you and your team should always be smiling, use this as an opportunity to sell your services through a dazzling smile. Use social media to boost engagement by posting a funny picture (could be one of the team doing something silly), with wording such as “Happy World Smile Day. Let us help put a smile on your face with one of our fab SkinBase facials.”

Inner Beauty Day

Monday 7th October is Inner Beauty Day. There is so much potential for this day when it comes to your salon. You could run promotions on this day that promotes helping women feel better about themselves and you can go hard with promotion on social media. Another great idea to get your name out there is to use your digital channels to ask people to share stories about why inner beauty is important.

Get to Know Your Customers Day

On Thursday 17th October get to know your clients a little better as it’s ‘Get to Know Your Customer Day’. Use this opportunity to find out something new about your clients, how about a ‘5 things you didn’t know about me’ quiz you can have in the salon or post on your social media? This is also a great opportunity to find out more about their likes and dislikes when it comes to beauty services and treatments which could potentially be used for future sales.

Massage Therapy Week

20th to 26th October is Massage Therapy Week. The key is in the run-up to this event as for maximum effect, you’ll want to prepare as much as possible. Think about massage deals or specials you can offer and go hard on the promotion both in the salon and on social media. You can also run a campaign on the benefits of massage and encourage clients to come in and switch off.


Last but by no means least, Halloween is a big one for the events calendar! There is so much potential. You could put on Halloween specials, decorate the salon, invite clients and locals to a sample Halloween party where they can try out some tasters of your services – the list is (almost) endless. Even just creating a little buzz around Halloween can be great publicity for your salon – get staff to dress up and share on social media and interact with clients in character.


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