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Wedding season

Wedding season – how to get brides-to-be to choose your facials 

Wedding season is approaching, and that means its time to start thinking about how to get brides investing in their skin with you. Weddings are special; it’s the biggest day in your client’s life, one of the most stressful but also most emotional. So remember this when you’re thinking about how to market to brides-to-be, they deserve special treatment for a special day! 

Find your brides

No one shops around as much as a couple who are about to get married, so it shouldn’t be hard for them to find you! Make sure that you wedding-themed imagery in your marketing to catch their eye, and if there are any wedding fairs in the area, make sure you’re there, with offers, treatment details, demos and before & after photos. 


There’s so much pressure to look perfect on their big day – with the prospect of professional photographers, emotional moments ruining their makeup and the fact that every person they know is going to be there, it’s no surprise that brides-to-be worry about how they’ll look. When you’re creating marketing content, remember that your clients are likely to be feeling anxious about their appearance, so focus on problem solving. When you’re talking about bridal beauty in your marketing, make sure to talk about all the specific skin concerns your treatments will help with, and share before & afters. This will grab the attention of any bride who’s worrying about those specific concerns, and she’ll be instantly interested in your services. 

Focus on your courses

One facial is as effective as one session at the gym – makes you feel great, much better than nothing, but in the long run, you can’t achieve your goals unless you stick with it. This is an important thing to remember for all your clients, but it’s even more important when it comes to your brides-to-be. It’s natural for people to want instant results, but frame it as an investment in the health of their skin. It can also help to explain that they need to have started a treatment course at least a month before their wedding day, to make sure their skin is calm and clear on the day. One treatment a week before their wedding won’t give them the results they want, and it’s an unnecessary risk too. 


Brides love special treatment. Planning a wedding is hard work, and often it can feel like they aren’t so much the special one as they are the one trying to make everyone else feel special. It could be as simple as a free treatment when they pay for a full course, or a discount on products to take home. Or you could come up with something more elaborate and create a special ‘pre-wedding pamper treatment’ as their last treatment before the wedding, with some bubbly, a massage, and perhaps even their wedding manicure thrown in for a discount. 

The bridal wellbeing angle

We know that weddings can be hard work, and the pressure to look perfect combined with all the stress can make brides feel like it’s impossible to win; stress affects the skin, but stress is often unavoidable when planning the big day. It’s a good idea, when creating content that targets brides-to-be, to use the wellness angle as a way of making your clients feel like they’re investing taking care of themselves as well as achieving great skin. 


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