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What Makes Great Customer Service?

It’s no secret that good customer service is absolutely pivotal in the success of every business. If you offer great products and services at a cost-effective price, that’s great. But if you don’t offer a good level of customer service, clients will simply go elsewhere. 

Each of us will have customer service standards that we adhere to and ensure our staff stick to. However, in this day and age with industry competition at an all-time high, it’s essential that you stand out from the crowd in order to be noticed. Working that little bit harder to keep impressing your regular and long-term clients will go a long way in the success of your business. So, how do you ensure your business maintains a high level of customer service? Read on to find out more. 

5 Quick Fire Tips to Boost Your Salons Customer Service 

  • Tailor your products and services to make them personal to your clients. This information can be ascertained through open communication with your clients or even small surveys that can be completed on paper or via an email link. 
  • Communication is key and so important across the board. Therefore, respond to emails, social media messages and phone calls promptly. If you leave a client hanging, they may just go elsewhere. 
  • Get to know your clients on a personal level. Try and remember key snippets of information. For example, ask them how their grandkids are, how the new job is going, and so on. This will demonstrate to them that you care about their interests and will motivate them to come back to you time and time again. Believe that a client is for life. 
  • Go the extra mile – send a birthday card, special offers that are tailored to their beauty requirements or even send a small gift from time to time to your most loyal clients. If your client spends a lot of money at your salon, spending a little bit on them can turn them into a forever client.
  • Good customer service is about being positive and willing to assist your customers to the best of your ability. Making a good impression is important, but your efforts shouldn’t end there. You should always aim to use positive language and be as helpful as possible, making your clients trust in your abilities. 

Improve Your Customer Service 

You may not think that the level of customer service needs in your salon needs work. However, there is always room for improvement. With this in mind, take the time to work out the type of service provider you want to be and instil these values in your staff and colleagues. 


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