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Why Are My Clients Not Seeing Immediate Collagen Lift Results? 

Why Are My Clients Not Seeing Immediate Collagen Lift Results? 

SkinBase Collagen Lift is a fabulous radio-frequency treatment, ideal for treating fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and a host of other concerns across the face and body. If you have clients investing in courses of treatment without instantly visible changes, you may be wondering: why are my clients not seeing immediate Collagen Lift results?  

What is Collagen?

First, it is important to understand what collagen actually is. Both you and your client should have this understanding. Collagen is the scaffolding of the skin, providing support so the skin remains strong and resilient. When collagen levels within the skin are high, it will remain firm and tight with no sagging, fine lines or wrinkles. Unfortunately, levels of collagen naturally decrease each year. External factors such as UV exposure contribute too, resulting in those signs of ageing occurring.  

How Does Collagen Lift Help?

While you are performing a Collagen Lift treatment on your client, the ceramic wand will heat the dermis, delivering waves of radio-frequency energy deep into the skin. As you maintain an optimum temperature of your clients skin for 3 minutes, the body will release heat-shock proteins. This process realigns collagen and elastin fibres while triggering the production of new fibres.  

Will My Clients See Immediate Collagen Lift Results?

Some clients may see immediate results. These instant changes will occur in those who are beginning the process with extremely weak collagen fibres due to inefficient skin care. The first treatment provides instant results, with collagen fibres tightening, as they have very little strength. Other clients may not see instant results. This does not mean the treatment is not working for them. Each client is unique and will respond differently to the process. Once a course is completed, your clients will see results. To help with the process, ensure you are taking images for your client to see the differences after each treatment.  

Why Are My Clients Not Seeing Immediate Collagen Lift Results? 

If your clients are not seeing immediate Collagen Lift results, it is not cause for concern. Though the treatment boosts collagen production within the skin, newly formed collagen fibres are still not the strongest. The collagen synthesis process must occur, to build strength and provide visible results. Strong collagen fibres work to tighten and firm the skin for a more youthful appearance. The strengthening process can take anything from 21 days to 2 years to occur, and all clients are different. If your clients have maintained their skin health, and are simply looking for a boost, it may take a while to notice the subtle changes in their skin. If you have clients who have previously neglected their skin health, it may take a while before their collagen fibres respond to treatment. Patience and consistency on both sides are necessary to achieve the best results.

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