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why are retail sales important

Why Are Retail Sales Important?

A few months ago in one of our blogs, we talked about upping your revenue by increasing retail sales within your salon and how to go about this. This time, we’re going to focus on why retail sales are important and how you can easily increase the number of sales without too much effort.

Of course, making a profit is crucial for any business, and as a salon owner, you’ll know just how important the money you make from your services is. However, in order to stay ahead and continue to generate revenue in new ways, selling retail products can be an extremely beneficial way to top up your income.

Offer Something More

A well-equipped stock of retail products not only shows a professional concern for the client beyond their salon visit but is also beneficial in increasing your revenue. When you decide to offer your clients a little more than the standard salon services, there are three main things you’re doing:

  • Helping you and your team to be in a position of expertise in a range of salon products as well as the existing services you already provide.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of client welfare beyond the service that they’re receiving which helps build loyalty.
  • Creating additional income that’s essential to the success of your business.

At the end of the day, you are the expert and should be recommending and selling your clients the products they need to improve their beauty regime, making them feel like the best version of themselves; you are in control of the products you choose to sell.

Choosing the Right Stock

Retail sales are so important, therefore, it’s vital that your stock consists of products that are effective and meet client demand. A little product research can easily be carried out while you and your staff provide existing services to current clients. Ask them what type of products they’re looking for and what improvements they want to make. Listen to what they have to say and use it to inspire you in choosing the products you sell. Also, use your Industry knowledge to introduce solutions they didn’t even know they were in need of.

Retail Doesn’t Need to Be Time Consuming

Contrary to popular belief, selling retail products in your salon doesn’t actually require loads of extra time – we know you’re busy enough as it is. Ensure staff are trained and have an excellent product knowledge.  Take the time to talk about why and which products are best for your clients at the consultation stage when discussing a treatment plan and they will sell themselves.

The bottom line is that retail sales have the potential to massively improve your profits. Offering retail products also opens up a new market, allowing you to educate clients on the latest health, beauty and personal care products. This gives clients the confidence to maintain the salon look at home as well as building a strong relationship.

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