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How to Create an Inclusive Salon Business

June is pride month. Diversity and equality is more important than ever in 2023. There is no better time to embrace inclusivity – and make it clear to your clients that you mean business. Being an inclusive salon means all clients feel welcomed. They will know they can have their needs met with care and respect. Welcome and celebrate clients with all beliefs and identities by making sure you have an inclusive salon from within.

How to Create an Inclusive Environment?

We have some tips to help you begin to create an inclusive salon environment.

Ensure diversity starts from within

Your clientele want to feel represented by the employees of your business, so build and grow your team with this in mind. By hiring a diverse range of staff, you open your business up to fresh perspectives and new clients. The key to an inclusive salon.  Make your staff has the right education and skill set.

Don’t dictate your pricing by gender identity

Provide services based on treatments. If you offer haircuts for men and haircuts for women you are not inclusive in your pricing. Rather distinguish costs by hair length. Those who do not identify as either gender will be excluded from your business. Gender neutral treatments eliminate discrimination. At the same time it widens your offerings to a larger client pool.

Use the correct terminology

A good place to start is to confirm your preferred pronouns. Ask all your clients their preferred pronouns too. Never make assumptions based on appearance. You could gather the information with a client Q&A for all new clients. You do not want to misgender or offend any clients in your salon.

Make sure your marketing/appearance matches your inclusive salon

If the interior of your business is not inclusive, change it up. Make sure it represents all the clients you hope to attract. Have a digital makeover too – and do the same thing on social media. Your commitment to building an inclusive and diverse environment must be clear across all channels.

Offer tailored treatments/appointments to suit specific needs

Some clients may find it harder than others to be in a salon environment. See how you can address specific needs on a client-by-client basis. Remember – you are allowed to make mistakes as long as you take responsibility and continuously learn and develop. Keep an open mind and give clients the respect they deserve. Treat everyone equally means everyone wins. It is a good thing for clients, and a good thing for business too.

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