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How To Use Reels to Boost Your Salon Business

It can be hard to keep up with the changes and trends happening across social media when you are busy in the salon day in and day out. But, investing a little time each week to plan your strategy can help massively increase your social reach. This can help you use reels to boost your salon business. So, what do you need to know?

Tips For Using Reels to Boost Your Salon

(1) High Quality Videos

To give your video content the best chances of success, ensure all video clips are shot in good lighting with a high quality phone or camera. Using an area with lots of natural sunlight, or investing in a ring light, is a great way to level up your reels. Remember to shoot all content at a portrait ratio too, as it will perform better than anything square or horizontal.  

(2) Track Trends

If you are having a scroll after work while you relax, make note of any sounds or music that comes up repeatedly. Using trending audios is a great way to boost your views and get your content in front of lots of new people. If you are too late to a trend, and your For You page is already saturated, don’t waste your time with it! On instagram, trending sound have an arrow next to them so you know what to look for. Try to hop onto a rising trend, with around 500 uses, as you’ll see the best results.  

(3) Post at the Right Time

While you may find it easy to post whenever you get a free minute, regardless of the time of the day, try to understand when your viewers are watching and be consistent with your schedule. You could invest in a scheduling app to bulk prepare reels for the week. If you do not post when your followers are active, they are likely to miss it once they do come online, and your reach will suffer. Remember – you can share your reels to your main instagram page – will will help to increase the number of people who see it.  

(4) Avoid Watermarks

If you are posting video content across multiple social media sites, that’s great! However, don’t post content that is clearly from another site. Posting a video with the TikTok watermark onto instagram will damage your reach (and vice versa) – regardless of how good the content is. Edit videos in an external app, such as CapCut, and repurpose separately for each site.  

(5) Short Videos and Captions

With Instagram allowing reels up to 90 seconds, and TikTok extending their limit to up to 10 minutes, it can be tempting to post long, rambling videos. However, keep them short and sweet and you are more likely to see a rise in reach and engagement.  The same is true for your caption. A sentence or two, emojis and a couple of hashtags is all you need to accompany your video. You should have done all of the communicating in the reel.  

(6) Check in With Your Content

Once you have posted a reel, don’t just forget about it. Use analytics to see what you are doing well to educate your future strategy. Remember, it is not just number of views that boosts business. Find out what content has the highest levels of engagement to understand your followers and their needs.  

Content Ideas

Check out some content ideas in our previous blog here.

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