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Increase Average Spend

Master the Client Journey to Increase Average Spend

An effective marketing strategy is built around a journey. This means your client knows you – and it begins before they have even walked through the door. Mastering the journey can help you build a loyal following and increase average spend.
The first impression of any business these days is usually online. Does your salon and treatment experience follow through? Is your online presence an accurate representation of what your clients can expect.
It is often hard to put the time aside to focus on where our business is going. In today’s world we must plan ahead to succeed.

Tips To Increase Average Spend

Here are some basic steps you should put into action to increase average spend in your salon.

Guide Your Client

Walk in the shoes of your salon clients. Imagine a guided path for each customer experience and make sure it is the same every time. This way you will be known for being reliable and consistent.
Does your offering leave your client with a positive experience? Make sure it will lead to a second booking and that they will recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Anticipate Their Needs

Aim to anticipate their needs. Shining in this area will set you apart from your competitors. Identify your customer’s needs before their appointment. That way you can enhance their experience – and increase average spend. 

Nurture & Offer Upgrades

Nurture their presence when they are in your salon. During their treatment ask them about possible upgrades. If time allows turn a MD facial into a luxury facial. Or, add a massage to a MD Pedicure to make their experience more special and increase their average spend

Offer Discounts

Consider a social media promotion to get more first-time bookings. Offer discount codes or treatment extras to encourage repeat customers to book a course. For example, book 6 facials and get a 7th free. Or add a complimentary mask and massage after a facial.

Stay Connected

After your client has left consider how to keep them engaged. Offer maintenance treatments and other offerings that will complement and enhance their results, and increase their average spend. Membership packages and loyalty cards will go a long way to maintaining those all important clients.

Ask for Feedback

Survey your clients and your staff. Feedback will help you tailor the ideal customer experience. Each stage of the journey needs to be carefully planned and thought through. 

Effective systems that reflect your salon culture will deliver an experience that is hard to match – and lead to an increase in average spend.

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